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Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty

На складе: 1
Вес продукта: 18 kg

Топовый американский предусилитель класса High-End.

Since the introduction of the KX-R preamplifier in 2008 we have embarked on many projects involving new technologies. While progressing along this musical journey, our collective knowledge base has grown immensely in all areas of audio circuit design. These new insights have been implemented at the highest level in our complete redesign of the KX-R Twenty. These technologies and upgrades to the KX-R have resulted in a preamplifier which is as revolutionary now as the KX-R was when it was originally introduced with the world’s first Variable Gain Transconductance (VGT) volume control.

The debut of our AyreLock power supply uses a new type of discrete voltage regulation with more than twice the capacitance of the old power supply, delivering powerfully layered dynamics—musically. Our optimizations of the current mirror and addition of the Ayre Diamond output stage impart such a stunning sense of realism that you will be captivated from the first note. The resolution of detail and ultimate sense of refinement you will discover in the KX-R Twenty both come from hundreds of hours of listening tests, allowing us to choose the absolute best part for every critical area along the audio circuit.

Finally, following our mantra that everything matters, we have explored each detail in the audio path from circuit trace length to part orientation and have included processes which many would consider fanatical, pushing this preamplifier to the brink of perfection. Celebrate twenty years of adventure and invention with the KX-R Twenty.


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