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The minds behind Sperling-Audio

Ansgar Sperling, born 1965, founder of Sperling-Audio. Trained radio and television technician followed by a degree in engineering. Since 1990, working as a technician for the radio. Early interest, even before apprenticeship and university, in electronics, especially vacuum tubes. As such, the later choice of apprenticeship was no coincidence, nor the later career with the radio. Experience grew through the construction of numerous studios and working with audio signals, such as transporting them, cutting them, and processing them. Many years ago, my path crossed with:

Michael Bönninghoff, born 1961 and also an engineer. Worked as colleagues building studios. Shared the love and passion for the most true to origin reproduction of music possible and devices with great detail and great processing. In the audiophile scene, his name is already well known: numerous developments in high-quality audiophile devices, such as vacuum tubes and power amplifiers, A/D converters, etc. are credited to him. Worked later for many years as chief developer at Brauner Microphones and was drawn to the source of good sound – the microphone. Today Michael is the technical director at the company S.E.A. in Emsbüren

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